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Residual waste investigation

Geophysical methods allow for the detection of vertical and lateral boundaries of waste deposits. The distinction of areas of different fillings, as well as localizing single bodies and pipelines, is possible.

EM61, Dr. Arno Patzelt
Field work with electromagnetics EM61k


Teergrube, Bodenradar

EXAMPLE: Delineation of a tar pit with ground penetrating radar. The area has been covered by longitudinal and lateral profiles.

Bebauungsfläche, EM61 EXAMPLE: Investigation of a construction site using the electromagnetic method EM61. Concrete foundations and several metallic targets show up, as well as the true location of a power line deviating 2m from where it should be according to the plans.
Altlastenfläche, EM34 und GEM300 EXAMPLE: Delineation of a waste deposit using the electromagnetic methods EM34 und GEM300. The deposit turns out clearly as an anomaly of low conductivity. The extent is much larger than expected.