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Exploration of mineral deposits

Exploration of deposits is the classic field of geophysics. The methods have been adapted to investigate also the small-scale deposits of the industrial minerals like sand, gravel and clay.
We have completed more than 150 geophysical investigation for the mineral industry.


Gravel pit




Left: Clay deposit in sands, low resistivities (red) delineate the extent near the surface.


Contour map of overburden thickness, calculated from resistivity depth sounding and verified by drillings.


The methods - mainly resistivity - allow a fast and cost-effective investigation, especially over large areas.  The principal objective is always to reduce drilling to a minimum.  Volumes of overburden and raw material can be calculated.

Left: Investigation of a clay deposit.

Cross section: Sand layer cut in a clay deposit:
Schichtprofil aus Messungen


Cross section of a gypsum deposit from resistivity depth soundings and drillings.