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-Geophysics - what for?
-Residual waste investigation
-Archeological prospecting
-Construction sites
-Ex-waste disposals

-Unexploded ordnance

-Exploration of minerals 

-Vibration monitoring

-List of services

Ground penetrating radar Frequencies 25, 50, 100, 200, 400 und 500 MHz, shielded and unshielded antennas
Borehole radar Frequencies 100 and 250 MHz 
Refraction and reflection seismics Compression- and shear waves
Cross hole tomography Seismic, electric and radar tomography between bore holes
Resistivity Depth sounding (e.g. Schlumberger up to 400m), 2D-imaging, tomography, self potential
Electromagnetics EM61 - metal detector
EM 34 - electromagnetic profiling and depth sounding up to 50m
GEM 300 Multifrequency profiling 330 Hz - 20 kHz
Magnetometry Gradient, intensity, target modelling, borehole sounding
GPS-survey Differential GPS-surveys, on request with cm-precision
Vibration monitoring Event monitoring according to DIN 4150, permanent monitoring, recording of velocity and acceleration, alarm systems