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Construction sites

The measurements are carried out along profiles, e.g. between two drill holes, or covering whole surfaces. Applications are:

  • Underground inspection for street-, railroad- and pipeline constructions.
  • Investigation of geologic boundaries, ground water level.
  • Detection of buried foundations, residuals, deposits, pipelines and cavities.
Radarmessung, Dr. Arno Patzelt
Aufschuettung, Radar
Reconnaisance of a heap. The radar profile shows the extension and thickness of the materials deposited.

EXAMPLE: Underground pipe detection with Georadar
Georadar detection of a geologic boundary (gravel above marls)
Geoelectric profile inspection for subsurface horizontal drilling
Georadar investigation of a paved road affected by mass flow movements: Cavities, cracks and block structures rotated against the topography.