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Vibration monitoring

Blasting, pounding and traffic generate vibrations. By recording vibrations, it can be ensured that the defined limits after norms will not be exceeded. In case of damage, proof is possible.

Our services comprise:
  • Vibration monitoring according to DIN 4150 and others
  • Recording of KB-values according to DIN 4150 part 2
  • Record of acceleration for the survey of computers and machines
  • Installation of permanent survey systems with alarm devices
  • Frequency analysis, prognosting of vibrations and special calculations
  • Investigation and analysis of the subsurface with respect to its vibration properties

We have a number of different devices and are able to perform measurements in a precise and effective way. 

Blasting a building
      Erschuetterung Vibration signal

The values in the DIN-4150 diagram


Permanent survey during pounding with alarm devices

Permanent survey during 10 days